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Virtual Schools Are NOT Homeschooling PDF Print E-mail

CHEF of Alabama has announced that some public school systems are aggressively marketing their virtual school as an option for homeschoolers, by phone calls to homeschooling families. Please be aware that virtual schooling through the public school is public school at home, not homeschooling, and you cannot be enrolled in a church school covering.

Parents who have received these phone calls recommend that families need to ask for details. Some aspects of virtual schools are good, such as free materials. Some may not be so good, such as the student must be present at his or her computer for 6 hours or so.

If a family thinks it may be a good option for their family, they need to know that they would not be homeschooling. Their students could not be enrolled in a church school or a private school, which are the two legal options for homeschooling in Alabama; instead, their students would be enrolled in a public school.

If you would like more information, go to CHEF of Alabama at https://www.chefofalabama.org/.