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The last day of Survival Skills Class at Academy Days Co-op was LIT! Students practiced starting a fire and building shelters among other survival skills they learned at home all semester. And this class isn't all there is to this homeschool co-op – Academy Days Co-op also has writing classes, science labs, math tutors, and history courses for preschool through high school.

SurvivalShelterFireWith another remote semester coming up for spring, Academy Days Co-op offers a supportive community of fellow homeschoolers without the risk of infection or need for online classes. With full lesson plans laid out for you, subjects that fit each child's unique interests, accountability for your high schoolers, and only a $20 membership fee (or FREE if you help with a class!), Academy Days Co-op may be just what you need to light up the rest of this school year!

Psychology gr. 7-12
Public Speaking & Speech Writing gr. 7-12
Math Tutor gr. 7-12
Literature & Creative Writing gr. 7-12
German I gr. 8-12
British History gr. 7-12
World History gr. 7-12
Biology gr. 9-12
Forensic Science gr. 8-12
General Science gr. 7-12

Write On! gr. 3-6
Story Time for P-K and gr. 1-2
Survival Skills gr. 4-8
Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead gr. 3-4
World History gr. 5-6
World History gr. 3-4
World History gr. 1-2
Storm Chasers: Wild Weather and Extreme Conditions gr. 3-6
STEM from A to Z for P-K and gr. 1-2

Deadline to sign up for spring semester is February 5. Classes will start February 9 and end May 11, but enroll now before all the remaining spaces fill up.

Let us help you FIRE up the rest of this school year! Visit http://www.AcademyDays.com for class descriptions and available spaces, and find out if our program for Spring 2021 will work for your family.