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Wearing national costumes spanning the globe and tasting exotic dishes from around the world, local homeschoolers revel in the cultural differences of various countries at the “Around the World” Feast at Academy Days Co-op recently.

feastf18Pictured left are the male and female costume contest winners from each world geography class. In addition to wearing national costumes, the homeschoolers and their parents sampled a broad assortment of native dishes from around the world as a culmination of their studies on world cultures.

The Academy Days Co-op, held weekly during the school year at Coosada Baptist Church, is designed for preschool through high school students to learn subjects difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings. This year's current classes include science labs, film-making, Spanish I, sign language, computer science, world geography, acrylic painting, cake decorating, health, Greek mythology, and many more!

Visit www.AcademyDays.com for more information.