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Homeschoolers Experience Colonial America PDF Print E-mail

Native Americans, British Redcoats, Colonial Minutemen, pioneers and pirates set aside their differences to enjoy the “America Discovered” Feast at Academy Days Homeschool Co-op recently. Pictured are the male and female costume contest winners from each history class. 

contestwinnersDuring the feast, the homeschoolers and their parents sampled a vast assortment of dishes featuring ingredients native in America, such as turkey, tomatoes, corn, pumpkin, peas, and chocolate. As they enjoyed their meal, they were entertained with Early American songs and music played on the violin, dulcimer and other period instruments. 

The Academy Days Co-op, held weekly during the school year at Coosada Baptist Church, is designed for preschool through high school students to learn subjects difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings. Classes include science labs, foreign languages, literature, composition, computer programming, drama and more!

For more information about the homeschool co-op, go to http://www.AcademyDays.com or https://www.facebook.com/AcademyDays/.