Outlook Academy!

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If you plan to homeschool for 2021-22, consider Outlook Academy as your church school covering. We accept new members year-round, but the admission fee is the lowest it will be through September 5 until next summer. For high schoolers, Outlook Academy offers dual enrollment in all the major colleges and universities as well as a prom in the spring and co-op classes fall and spring through Academy Days Co-op. Furthermore, Outlook Academy offers extensive, statewide lists of homeschool support groups, extracurricular activities and clubs for all ages, not just high school. Plus, parents appreciate our hands-off approach, monthly e-newsletters, and our exhaustive FAQs and articles to help you homeschool successfully.

You should choose a church school that fits your family best. To ensure that Outlook Academy will fit your needs, compare it to other church schools in the area.

For more information about homeschooling through Outlook Academy specifically and homeschooling in Alabama generally, click on Frequent Questions on the menu.

To learn more about Outlook Academy and its administrators, click on About Us on the menu.

To enroll, click on Enrollment & Forms on the menu, then click on Procedures & Forms, and choose the option you need for detailed instructions. Many times a checklist will be provided for you so you won't miss anything.