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Take science labs out of your kitchen, and have someone else correct that essay or teach Spanish. Engage your child with something new, such as Film-making, Sign Language, Genealogy, Cake Decorating, Acrylic Painting or Greek Mythology. Spaces in Academy Days co-op are open for preschool through high school, and our small co-op classes may be just what your family needs for spring. Deadline to sign up is January 29.

Most classes continue for spring semester but will allow new students to enroll. Below is the Spring 2019 schedule. Go to AcademyDays.com for class descriptions and available spaces.

First Period (9:30-10:25 a.m.)
Shakespeare gr. 7-12, Greek Mythology gr. 7-12, Genealogy gr. 6-12, Health & Nutrition gr. 7-12, Literature & Creative Writing gr. 7-9, Study Hall gr. 7-12, Writing Wranglers (Creative Writing) gr. 5-6, Write On! (Creative Writing) gr. 3-4, Grammar Jammers (Creative Writing) gr. 1-2, Little Builders for Preschool-Kindergarten

Second Period (10:30-11:25 a.m.)
P.E./Game Hour gr. 6-12, Spanish I gr. 8-12, Computer Science gr. 8-12, Acrylic Painting gr. 7-12, Film-making gr. 7-12, Study Hall gr. 7-12, Cake Decorating gr. 4-6, Draw, Paint, Make: Intro to Mixed Media gr. 3-6, Sign Language gr. 1-4, Junior Veterinarians gr. 1-5, Story Time & Activity for Preschool-Kindergarten

Third Period (12:30-1:25 p.m.)
World Geography gr. 9-12, Constitutional Literacy gr. 8-12, Current Events gr. 7-12, World Geography gr. 7-9, Study Hall gr. 7-12, World Geography gr. 5-6, World Geography gr. 3-4, World Geography gr. 1-2, Fitness Fun (P.E./Playground) for Preschool-Kindergarten

Fourth Period (1:30-2:25 p.m.)
Chemistry gr. 9-12, Apologia's Biology gr. 8-12, Forensic Science gr. 7-12, Apologia's General Science gr. 7-12, Study Hall gr. 7-12, Supercharged Science! gr. 5-6, Young Scientists gr. 3-4, Space Explorers gr. 1-2, Our Father's World for Preschool-Kindergarten

Academy Days Co-op offers preschool through high school classes so the whole family can participate. You can sign up for one, two, three classes or all day. Class fees range from $2 to $15 for the entire 14 weeks, making co-op very affordable, even for a large family. Academy Days Co-op meets on Tuesdays during the school year at Coosada Baptist Church in Coosada (near Milbrook) and is open to all homeschoolers, regardless of church school covering.

Classes are kept small (usually 10 students max) and fill quickly, so if you're interested, go to http://www.academydays.com to check on available spaces, then email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your contact information, children's names, grades and classes. Deadline to sign up for Spring 2019 is January 29, and classes start February 19.

Go to http://www.academydays.com for more information.