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Wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers and carrying Teddy bears and blankies, students at Academy Days Co-op in Millbrook dressed as stereotypical homeschoolers for Pajama Day recently.

pajamacontestPictured are the male and female contest winners from each third period class.

The co-op families continued the homeschool stereotype with a history luncheon featuring original food and project displays on the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Israel, China, India and Greece. 

Held at Coosada Baptist Church, the Academy Days Co-op meets weekly during the school year for homeschoolers to take classes in subjects such as world history, art, creative writing, Spanish, computer programming, P.E. and science labs.

Visit the web site at AcademyDays.com for more information. To see more co-op pictures, check out the co-op on Instagram @academydays on your cell or https://www.instagram.com/academydays/ on your computer.