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Ye Olde Homeschoolers Revel in the Middle Ages PDF Print E-mail

Homeschoolers revel in Medieval costumes and customs at their recent Medieval Feast, held at Outlook Academy's Academy Days Co-op in Millbrook.

medievalcourtWaiting for the festivities to commence, King of the Feast Clay Vinson of Clanton offers cheese to Queen Ivey Vinson, his sister in real life. The monarchs are joined at the royal high table by the queen's noble ladies-in-waiting, Baylie Vinson of Clanton and Emily Burkhalter of Clanton, and the king's loyal knights, Zachary Joye of Deatsville and Zachary Vinson of Clanton.

During the feast, all the homeschoolers and their parents sampled dishes from a buffet of roasted chicken, marinated beef, and various tarts and custards, served Medieval style -- without forks! As they enjoyed their meal, they learned about various Medieval customs and watched sword fights and other period demonstrations by skilled members of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The feast culminated weeks of study on the Middle Ages. For recipes of their dishes to try at your home, click here.

The Academy Days Co-op, held Thursdays during the school year at Coosada Baptist Church, is designed for kindergarten through high school students to learn subjects difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings. Sponsored by Outlook Academy, this Christian co-op is open to all homeschoolers of any church school covering. Go to http://www.academydays.com for more information or to sign up for classes.