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Outlook Academy Parent Reflects on the End of 17 Years with Outlook Academy PDF Print E-mail

My last child has completed her high school studies. I started homeschooling in 2002. My first day was September 11, the first anniversary of the “Towers.” This day will always be such a heavy, but inspirational day for me and my children. Listening to the radio's rebroadcast of September 11, 2001, Trey and Katelyn were very in tune with the events of that day, and from that day forward, the journey we all took together has been amazing and I have NEVER regretted the decision.

We may not have completely understood the whole commitment “thing” that your children are with you 24/7, unless they are either at a planned activity, and one in which you have to pay for, such as dance, baseball, piano, volleyball, scouts. But really, you somehow are still involved with them. Sometimes not only do you have your children, but several other people’s children whose parents can’t or didn’t volunteer for anything. This amazing journey has allowed me and our family to meet so many different people in all walks of life and make some life-long friends.

It has been such a pleasure being with Outlook Academy these past 17 years. Having now graduated 3 children with y’all, it is going to feel very different this coming school year.

With tears of joy and sadness in my eyes, this chapter of both my children’s and my life comes to a close. Only God knows what’s ahead for us. I’m praying that it is just as glorious as this one was!┬áThank you so much for being on this ride with us!

By Malissa Seay