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33 Students Graduate for 2017 PDF Print E-mail

We are please to annouce 33 graduates for 2017! Congratulations to Tony Christopher Allen, Brandon Chance Allred, Grace Bartlett, Jillian Betts, Robert L. Borth II, Caleb Brailsford, Kristina Cleckler, Laura Beth Dukes, Anakin Eakin, Kameryn Gayle Ertley, Dalton Fenton, Daniel Grassiano, Liya Elizabeth Gray, Carlee Harland, Michael Henderson, Hannah Marie Hendry, Paul Glen Jones, Sean Kennedy, Emily Mann, Casey McDole, Caitlyn Marilee Moncrief, Kari Nupson, Katelyn Nicole Padgett, Hailey Palmer, Emma Powell, Lisa Reed, Austin Rooks, Sabrina Rovnyak, Rebecca Scott, Lev Shapkovskiy, Matthew Tilley, Luke Walls, and Henry Washburn.

Tony "Christopher" Allen plans on attending Trenholm Tech with studies in computer while continuing his job at Panera Bread.

Jillian Betts graduated December 7, 2016 with Honors from Tie and Doll Community Outreach Program and 500+ volunteer hours with the Montgomery Zoo Education Department. Jillian has been a part time student at Faulkner University in Montgomery since January. Jillian is a member of Faulkner's Concert Band percussion team and will be continuing with their Marching Band this fall. She will attend Faulkner full time starting August, transferring to Auburn University after completing her core classes. She will receive her Bachelor Degree from Auburn University in Animal Sciences with an emphasis in Production/Management.

Laura Beth Dukes of Birmingham has been accepted at Jefferson State Community College for the fall to pursue a degree in accounting.

Anakin Eakin is planning on joining the Navy. If he decides not to make it a career, Anakin is planning to pursue a culinary arts degree after his enlistment ends.

Daniel Grassiano will pursue online studies and volunteer positions.

Carlee Holland graduated a year early. Her plans right now are to record some of her songs, finish a book she's writing, and paint. She will start college in Fall 2018 to pursue a degree in nursing, occupational therapy or physical therapy.

Sean Kennedy graduated this May and is taking a year off to work before enrolling in his local community college next year.

Casey McDole is planning on going to a community college to become a vet assistant.

Kari Nupson is presently enrolled at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, with plans to major in studio art.

Katelyn Nicole Padgett will be moving to Auburn this summer, attending Southern Union in the fall, and transferring to Auburn University in the spring. Since she has learned American Sign Language and Spanish, she plans to major in Spanish and wants to work as an interpreter or teacher.

Lev Shapkovskiy interested in working with cars. He is planning to start fall semester at Trenholm State Community College. His ultimate goal is to became a certified Automotive Collision Repair Technician as soon as possible. Meanwhile he is looking for a summer job in the automotive industry.

Matthew Tilley has been accepted to the University of Alabama and Shelton State. He is going to take his first two years at Shelton and then transfer to the University of Alabama. He plans to major in Psychology.

Henry Washburn will be going to Southern Union Community College and then on to Auburn University.

Congratulations and best wishes to all our graduates!