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New Alabama Graduation Requirements Not Mandatory for Homeschoolers PDF Print E-mail

The Alabama Board of Education changed the graduation requirements for high schoolers who started as 9th graders in 2013-14 or after. However, these requirements are for public school students, not homeschoolers. According to Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), homeschooling parents may choose any courses for their high school students, and they will not be limited in college admission, financial aid or military acceptance.

In fact, Alabama places no requirements for graduation for homeschoolers who educate under the church school law. Individual church schools may place their own requirements, but Outlook Academy follows state regulations, so our members do not have requirements for high school graduation.

A better way to plan for graduation is to research the subjects required for the colleges your student may be interested in and meet those requirements during high school. Additionally, when a student doesn’t know exactly where he or she wants to go to college, the Alabama public high school graduation requirements are a helpful guideline, because it’s what local colleges and universities are used to seeing on students’ transcripts. However, it's just a guideline.

If you want such a guideline of what subjects would be suitable for high school, you may view the requirements for public schools at http://media.wix.com/ugd/743ddc_ca0a0c45945c46b9ac80ab6e6761b732.pdf, and the Alabama courses of study may be viewed at http://alex.state.al.us/browseStand.php. Again, although these subjects are not required by homeschoolers, they will give you some idea of how to proceed with a high schooler's education.