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Homeschoolers Go Medieval in Quarantine PDF Print E-mail

Academy Days Co-op students celebrate a remote Medieval Feast in their own way at home -- as Crusader knights and fair ladies, cowled monks and the Black Death!

medievalcostumesIn previous years, the Medieval Feast has been the highlight of the co-op's spring semester for world history. Typically, the historical feast would include dressing up in costumes, holding contests in each class, participating with local Medieval re-enactors, and eating lunch together just as they did in Medieval Times -- without forks!

However, Academy Days Co-op has been remote since March 17, 2020, so students taking World History gr. 7-12 this year had to dress up and take pictures from home.

Academy Days Co-op plans to resume classes in person for Fall 2021. Go to http://www.AcademyDays.com for more information on its homeschool classes for preschool through high school.