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Facebook Page Features Freebies PDF Print E-mail

Our FACEBOOK page is regularly updated with posts about freebies. Click here for many resources for teachers, parents and students who may be using remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Check it out and be sure to follow us!

Homeschool Proms Rescheduled or Canceled PDF Print E-mail

Four homeschool proms were scheduled for February through May. Contact the organizers directly for updated information as many have had to cancel or reschedule for later in the summer.

How To Find a Local Homeschool Support Group PDF Print E-mail

Homeschoolers will not likely find an outlet that offers so much for all their children at one time as a homeschool support group. Groups offer both playtime and structured activities that appeal to a wide range of ages. In fact, most homeschooling parents rely on support groups as their primary means for socialization for their preschoolers, adolescents, preteens, and teenagers. As a result, most communities boast at least one homeschool group, if not more. Try these methods to find one near you.

Homeschool Students Donate to Food Bank PDF Print E-mail

Several Academy Days Co-op students cheer over the 205 canned goods they recently donated to Millbrook's Welcome Inc., a food bank which serves West Elmore County families in need.

Academy Days Co-op Celebrates Alabama's Bicentennial PDF Print E-mail

Native Americans, explorers, pioneers and pirates set aside their differences to celebrate Alabama's Bicentennial at Academy Days Homeschool Co-op recently.

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