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Facebook Page Features Freebies PDF Print E-mail

Our FACEBOOK page is regularly updated with posts about freebies. Click here for many resources for teachers, parents and students who may be using remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Check it out and be sure to follow us!

Homeschoolers Go Medieval in Quarantine PDF Print E-mail

Academy Days Co-op students celebrate a remote Medieval Feast in their own way at home -- as Crusader knights and fair ladies, cowled monks and the Black Death!

The Day Homeschoolers Shut Down Capitol Hill PDF Print E-mail

"HSLDA? Yeah, I know you guys. You helped shut down Capitol Hill that one time." That event was 25 years ago, back when I was rolling around in pink onesies on my parents’ carpet, rather than meeting with congressional staff as HSLDA’s lobbyist. And the chief of staff in front of me now had been an intern on the Hill back then, fielding phone calls from angry homeschool families on a day that neither he nor anyone else in Washington had ever forgotten.

Homeschoolers Survive in the Wild PDF Print E-mail

The last day of Survival Skills Class at Academy Days Co-op was LIT! Students practiced starting a fire and building shelters among other survival skills they learned at home all semester. And this class isn't all there is to this homeschool co-op – Academy Days Co-op also has writing classes, science labs, math tutors, and history courses for preschool through high school.

How To Find a Local Homeschool Support Group PDF Print E-mail

Homeschoolers will not likely find an outlet that offers so much for all their children at one time as a homeschool support group. Groups offer both playtime and structured activities that appeal to a wide range of ages. In fact, most homeschooling parents rely on support groups as their primary means for socialization for their preschoolers, adolescents, preteens, and teenagers. As a result, most communities boast at least one homeschool group, if not more. Try these methods to find one near you.

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