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To Enroll in Outlook Academy for the First Time
Outlook Academy accepts new enrollments year-round, although we prefer new enrollments during the summer between June 1 and August 5 of each school year. NOTE: Due to recent circumstances, we are extending our re-enrollment and new enrollment deadline by one month to give our members and new families more time to decide how they want to proceed for fall. The new deadline for the 2020-2021 school year is September 5. For those who wish to enroll after the 5th, additional fees will apply as mid-year enrollments take the administrators away from homeschooling their own children. Also, please allow up to two weeks for processing mid-year enrollments.

To Re-enroll After a Previous Withdrawal from Outlook Academy

This is also the option to take if you have withdrawn your child from Outlook Academy, placed him or her in a school, and have now decided to withdraw from the school and enroll that child in Outlook Academy again. Although you are re-enrolling in Outlook Academy, your child is considered a new enrollment because we have to notify the superintendent that he or she is now enrolled with us rather than the school.

To Re-enroll After the September 5 Deadline

This is also the procedure to follow if you did not re-enroll by the adjusted September 5 deadline for the upcoming school year. State regulations require us to notify the Board of Education if current members do not re-enroll by September 5. You may still re-enroll after this deadline; however, current members who re-enroll after this date are considered new families, so after September 5, you must follow these instructions for a new enrollment.

Please note: We accept seniors as new enrollments only during the summer before their senior year (between June 1 and September 5).

Follow These Directions:

For ease and convenience, all necessary forms are available on this web site. Simply download and print them. (You need Acrobat Reader to open the PDFs. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here or go to www.adobe.com to load it on your computer for free.)

Please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Mail the following to Outlook Academy:
    • Admission Form: This is a 3-page document, but you only need to fill out and mail pages 1 and 2. Be sure to sign it on page 2 (Church School/Teacher Agreement). Use the checklist on page three to ensure that you remember everything.
    • Church School Enrollment Form: Make as many copies as you need to ensure one form per student. Please be sure to sign it in two (2) places: Part I and Part III.
    • Standard business sized self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for authorized forms sent back to you (Please note that postage usually increases every May!)
    • Check or money order (with your children's names written in the "For" section):
      • From June 1 through September 5 for upcoming school year: Check or money order in the amount of $125, which includes a one-time $30 enrollment fee and the annual $95 membership fee. 
      • From September 6 all the way through May 31 of the current school year (mid-year enrollment): Check or money order in the amount of $170, which includes a one-time $75 enrollment fee and the annual $95 membership fee.
      • All fees are per family, not per child.
      • Please note: We cannot accept counter checks.

  2. Join Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) online at www.hslda.org/join/. Indicate your membership in Outlook Academy and email us to get the group discount number for $20 off your HSLDA membership fee. Membership in HSLDA is strongly recommended for your protection; however, it is no longer required for enrollment in Outlook Academy.

  3. Mail to the principal of the current/former school: the Withdrawal from Previous School and Request for School Records. Be sure to mail them “Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested” to the principal of your child’s former school, not to Outlook Academy. Copies of school records will be sent directly to you. Keep these on file wherever you keep your important papers. Do not forward them on to Outlook Academy. If the school refuses to send school records to you, email us for further information. Any school records sent to Outlook Academy will be filed or mailed to you at your written request and $5 postage fee.

  4. As soon as we receive the completed Admission Form, Church School/Teacher Agreement and Church School Enrollment Form, we will return the authorized Church School Enrollment Form to you in the self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) you provide. Make a copy of the form for your records and mail the original “Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested” to the Superintendent of your County or City School System. Click here for the addresses of all the superintendents in Alabama. Please be sure to mail this form as you are not homeschooling legally until it is filed with your local superintendent. Do not submit these forms in person!

Important: Do not delay church school enrollment after withdrawing your child from public or private school. To avoid truancy charges, Home School Legal Defense Association and Outlook Academy recommend that parents file the Church School Enrollment Form with the superintendent at the same time that they withdraw their children from public or private school.

Please note that we cannot accept faxed or scanned forms, credit cards, or PayPal. All forms must be original. We do accept checks and money orders made out to Outlook Academy.

Our fees are per family, not per child. However, if a partial family enrollment is processed mid-year, leaving one or more of your children in public school, an additional fee of $30 is due if you later decide to remove them from public school and add them to the family enrollment. If you want to enroll a child for the first time to an existing family enrollment, click here.

Fees cover the entire school year. There are no prorated fees and all fees are non-refundable. Our school year runs from July 1 through June 30, but families may start and end at any time or even school year-round.