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Check out Becky's Porch Swing in Montgomery for books, curriculum and resources for all ages.

It’s located in Eastbrook Flea Market (on Coliseum Blvd) in Montgomery on the basement level. Go straight down the right side of the entry level floor and take the stairs; halfway down where the stairs split, go to the right and then look left into the next doorway. Becky's Porch Swing actually covers most of the back RIGHT quadrant from the entrance to the flea market.

All the information is on the Facebook page; but if anyone drops in without having seen the Facebook page first, they only need to ask anyone at the front desk where the “homeschool” (or “educational”) booth is.

Becky’s Porch Swing
A Garden of Books and Resources for Home Education
Booths #409 and #398
downstairs @ Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall *an elevator is available in case you need it*
425 Coliseum Blvd / Montgomery, AL  36109
Mon-Fri: 10 am – 6 pm; Sat: 9-6; Sunday 12:30-4:30

Check out Becky's Porch Swing on Facebook: